Digi.travel Sweden 2016

Sweden is on of the most important outbound travel markets in Europe and on the same is the number one regarding internet penetration in the population reaching 94,8% and fifth in the world. Sweden is also the leader in EU regarding smartphone penetration reaching 62,9% and seventh worldwide. So, “Digi.travel Sweden Market Focus” will present how NTOs and […]

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Digi.travel Poland 2015

Outbound trips have become an important part of Polish lifestyle and many Polish people now opt for frequent short trips abroad, which are perceived as more prestigious than holidays spent in even the most exclusive domestic tourist destination, according to Euromonitor International. “Digi.travel Poland Market Focus” aims to present the behavior of Polish consumers on […]

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Digi.travel EMEA 2015

Organized for the third year in Athens, Greece, “Digi.travel EMEA Conference & Expo” presents the trends and the hottest issues in digital marketing and distribution for the tourism industry. The region of Europe, Middle East and Africa is the most dynamic in terms of inbound and outbound tourism and leads the eTourism and mTourism developments. […]

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