Digi.travel World Events

The most complete series of events for digital marketing & distribution in tourism

About Digi.travel Events

The travel consumer is evolving! He has access to unlimited amount of information for his trips from various devices 24/7. He can get insights, hints & tips, reviews from people with the same interests like him. In the same time, digital technology constantly changes the marketing, sales and distribution of the travel products. It is more critical than ever the travel industry to be always updated with the new trends, tools, solutions, procedures that the digital technology creates in order to be able to be pro-active, flexible and adaptable. Digi.travel Events, through the Conferences & Expos, the Satellites, the Market Focus, the Masterclasses, aim to provide to the travel industry the knowledge and the know-how it needs in order to be always competitive and never stay behind wondering what happened!

Digi.travel Conference & Expo
One or two day regional or national conference.
Learn about:
  • the latest trends
  • the current hot big issues
  • the day-to-day operational issues
  • Do business through:
  • the parallel exhibition with travel technology suppliers
  • the 'Buyers meet Sellers' session
  • Digi.travel Market Focus
    Half-day informative event focus on a specific market.
    Learn about:
  • the digital technology penetration
  • the profile of the digital consumer
  • the digital buying journey
  • the social media behavior
  • the digital distribution channels
  • __________

    Get ready to penetrate a new market
    through the digital channels

    Digi.travel Satellite
    Three hours intensive events in secondary cities.
    Learn about:
  • the outcome of the past events
  • the big picture in a small world
  • the today's & tomorrow's steps in your digital strategy
  • __________

    Catch-up with the new digital environment...
    Don't left yourself behind

    In-depth training seminars for the travel professionals. They combine:
  • theoretical lesson on a specific topic
  • practical hands-on knowledge transfer
  • case study presentation from one or more travel industry professionals
  • solution presentation for a travel tecnology supplier
    A group of experts give practical advice on your:
  • websites
  • web projects
  • digital campaigns
  • strategies
    Intense round-table advisory group between:
  • high-caliber experts on digital tourism
  • and representatives of:
  • tourism boards
  • local authorities
  • travel trade associations
  • 'Digi.travel World Events' connect Tourism Industry with the Digital Technology

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    Digi.travel in the World

    Participate to:
  • Understand the evolving travel consumer.
  • Take a look at how the travel consumers are evolving the way they research, communicate and purchase the travel product and understand how they must position themselves for maximum profitability.
  • Manage your distribution channels for maximum profit. Know when to sell direct and when to release inventory to tour operators, tourism sites and affiliates.
  • Engage with your customer to take advantage of tools like social media and mobile.
  • Understand the role of Revenue Management in increasing your product profitability.
  • Understand how to penetrate new travel markets over the web.
  • Arrange business meetings with experts and suppliers of your interest.
  • Buyers Meet Sellers

    As a registered participant you will be able to request unique individual business meetings with exhibitors through our user-friendly, pre-scheduled appointment system, to maximize your benefits.

    Meet & Greet
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    Sponsor/Exhibit to:
  • Showcase your brand to many decision makers in the travel & hospitality market – If you sell a solution this is the perfect place to improve your brand profile, meet your target audience, make new contacts and build lasting relationships in your relevant industry.
  • Speak to your target audience directly through customized sponsorship promotions, speaking opportunities and more.
  • Maximise your marketing ROI - Sponsoring or Exhibiting is the most cost effective way to use your marketing budget.
  • Save time and money by pre-arranging highly targeted one-to-one business meetings with the right suppliers and experts.
  • Show that you are the Leader
  • Latest News